• In the future Internet of Things will be an integrated part of all kinds of devices allowing them to interwork with other devices or back-haul infrastructure for collection of data. Payoff Consulting have up to date knowledge about the technologies and made international contracts.
  • The client's IT hosting agreement was inadequate and needed to be revitalised. A request for proposal was established and executed. The vendor was selected and an new contract established. The new setup included governance, contract management and cost and performance transparency. 
  • Power management has become an essential part of financial efficiency. Payoff Consulting has experience and delivered great results in reduction of the power consumption saving millions every year. We can find the solutions, run the project and obtain possible contributions delivering an optimised payback time. We will be happy to inform you further in a meeting.
  • Telecom Infrastructure costs needed a significant reduction while keeping the same supplier and including newest and advanced technologies. Through an intensive project execution with close cooperation with the management the financial target was reached as scheduled and a new improved contract was signed.
  • We have supported numerous price negotiations obtaining better prices for the client. This without impacting any project schedules or deadlines. Give us the challenge and receive the reward shortly after.
  • The client outsourced all procurement activities to Payoff Consulting delivered as Procurement as a Service. After working with us for a year, the cooperation was expanded to include electricity reduction projects.
  • The customer wanted to outsource the administrative IT to an external party. The project was executed successfully with a contract delivering "IT as a Service" to the organisation including web-portal, IT-infrastructure, printing and related services.
  • Network sharing has become the next step for telecom to reduce the cost of operation. Payoff Consulting has extensive and up-to date expecience in partnership contracts, regulatory aspects as well as the needed supplier contract s for infrastructure, IT systems etc.
  • The client want to outsource the administrative IT consisting of 250 people in several countries. The project was performed through extensive negotiations the supplier was selected and transition begun. The contract proved solid and the commercial benefits fully live up to expectations.
  • The client wanted to rebuild the business intelligence platform and had performed extensive analysis selecting the vendor for the assignment. Based upon the will to find a contractual solution at executive management the work was started up while negotiating the contract. Through very tough negotiations a frame agreement and terms and conditions was agreed reducing prices significantly.

  • Despite extensive outsourcing of the IT application maintenance and development the need for additional and continuous cost reductions to support a competitive position was evident. A strategy to using off-shore and near-shore resource was defined and subsequently executed with double digit savings as result.
  • The government decided to sell licenses for 3rd generation mobile operations through a sealed bid auction, one bid only. A project including several subject matter experts were setup extensive and business and competitor analysis performed enabling calculations of probability to win through advanced game theory based simulations. Decision material and presentations to the board of directors was performed and a winning bid defined. The operator was granted the 3G license.
  • The National Telecom Agency established a beauty contest for GSM 900 licenses. The project included overall responsibility for the project with the purpose to deliver a full fledged proposal including committed coverage, new telecom products and guaranteed prices. The operator was grated got the license.


Payoff Consulting has experience of negotiating major contracts with major suppliers and partners including:
- Nokia
- Ericsson
- Cap Gemini
- Terradata
- Microsoft
- Oracle
- Accenture
- CGI (previous Logica)
- Hewlet Packard
- CA
- Experian
- Tieto
- Contractors (e.g. Eltel, KM Telekom etc.)
- Energy Cool
- Telia/TeliaSonera
- Telenor
- Deutsche Telekom
- Vodafone
and many others